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    Since the beginning, Silk® has been out to make the world a healthier place. Not just for those who use our products, but for everyone.

Silk's Partners

We’re in good company

Years ago, Silk® set out to help make the world a healthier place, and that vision has never wavered. But we’ve always known we can’t do it alone. Get to know the many friends we’ve worked with along the way.


Years ago, Silk® set out to help make the world a healthier place, and that vision has never wavered. But we’ve always known we can’t do it alone. Get to know the many friends we’ve worked with along the way.


Supporting Our Environment

These are the folks who share our commitment to walking softly on the Earth.


This collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, farmers and consumers is dedicated to ensuring the availability of non-GMO foods and beverages. As one of the Non-GMO Project’s leading supporters, we urge you to take a spin around their website, get informed and get involved. Learn more about our non-GMO commitment here.

Change the Course

We consider water scarcity one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time—and we’re aware of its impact on the Colorado River right in our own backyard. That’s why we are proud charter sponsors of Change the Course, an initiative of the Bonneville Environmental FoundationNational Geographic and Participant Media devoted to restoring the health of this mighty waterway. Learn more.

Carton Council

We’ve teamed up with the Carton CouncilTM to help spread the word about new carton recycling programs around the nation. In addition to promoting consumer education, The Carton Council champions infrastructure development and local collection programs, all with the goal of keeping every last carton out of the landfill. Learn more about your recycling options and our recycling commitment here.

We were one of the first U.S. brands to champion clean energy, and that commitment is going strong today. More recently, we’ve also added water restoration to our list of green initiatives. We couldn’t do it without Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a pioneer in renewable energy certificates and our trusted partner for more than 10 years. Learn more about our energy offset and water restoration programs.

A leader in championing and preserving our planet’s natural resources, Conservation International® helped us develop earth-friendly sourcing practices, including our Responsible Soybean Sourcing & Production Program. Trace the soybeans in your Silk to their source.

The WhiteWave Foods Company is a member of Conservation International's Business & Sustainability Council (BSC), a network of companies committed to pursuing environmental and business leadership. For more information on the BSC, click here.

Just Label It

We believe everyone has the right to know what’s in their food. That’s why we support the efforts of Just Label It, a movement demanding that companies clearly disclose GMO ingredients on product packaging.

We love football! Especially the University of Colorado Buffaloes. But no one likes the staggering amount of trash generated and thrown away at each game. Together with our parent company The WhiteWave Foods Company, we’re working with the university on recycling and composting programs. The goal: to create the first zero-waste football stadium in the United States.

Our partners at The Organic Center help us all become wiser about our planet and our food supply by digging deep into the benefits of organic farming. 

Supporting Nutrition for All

As a food company, we take our responsibility to nourish those in need very seriously—
right here at home and around the globe.


Our partnership with our local Community Food Share dates back almost as far as Silk itself. Today, together with our parent company The WhiteWave Foods Company, we’re Community Food Share’s leading corporate sponsor. Our contributions take many forms, including financial support, product donations and volunteer hours.


Silk and the Soyfoods Association of North America both believe in the benefits of soy. As a contributor to the Association, Silk helps the group spread the word about delicious soyfoods.

Silk is a longtime supporter of the Soy Nutrition Institute, an organization promoting awareness and appreciation of soyfoods’ nutritional value.


Silk is proud to support the USDA MyPlate initiative. MyPlate is the new food pyramida visual place setting that shows what a meal should look like.  It illustrates how the five food groups work in harmony to promote a healthy, balanced diet.

Supporting Our Communities

Close to home and farther afield, we believe in being good neighbors.
That means supporting causes and organizations that make our communities unique, vital and healthy.


Farm Aid

Since 2003, we have been supporting Farm Aid®, a champion of agricultural communities across the country as well as America’s farming heritage.

Silk and Growing Gardens, of Boulder, Colorado, foster community through urban agriculture programs and gardening for all ages.

Headquartered in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado, etown broadcasts great independent music coast to coast.

Bolder Boulder

Every Memorial Day, the city of Boulder, Colorado, nearly shuts down its auto traffic to make way for more than 54,000 runners, walkers and wheelchair racers participating in the 10K BolderBOULDER®. Together with our parent company The WhiteWave Foods Company, we’re proud corporate sponsors—and sweaty, noisy, fun-loving race participants!

Naturally Boulder

As a member of Naturally Boulder, Silk supports Boulder as a thriving center for natural product innovation.


Silk belongs to CORE Colorado, a nonprofit business association that helps organizations understand and implement best practices in sustainability.