Carton of Almondmilk



Benefits of Almond and Oat Latte

Indulge in oh-so-mmm moments at home. Creamy almondmilk and craveable oatmilk pair with cold-brew Arabica coffee and rich espresso for a creamy latte experience with 80mg-95mg of caffeine per serving. It’s free of gluten, cholesterol, and artificial colors and flavors. You’re going to love it a latte.


How Almond and Oat Latte is Made?

We use cold-brew coffee because it produces a mild-flavored, less bitter taste than traditional coffee. We then add a shot of espresso to elevate the coffee experience, and blend in smooth, nutty almondmilk, creamy oatmilk, and a handful of other ingredients to craft a rich, perfectly balanced, dairy-free latte.

Sophisticated palate? Our Mocha flavor boasts a blend of three different types of cocoa for a rich, delicious brew. Latte lovers rejoice!

Commitment to Sustainability

Silk Latte is made with UTZ certified coffee that’s more responsibly grown and harvested—because we believe in doing right by the planet. We’re pretty proud of the bottle too—it’s made from at least 80% plants,* like renewable sugarcane that helps capture and store atmospheric carbon. Plus, it’s recyclable!**

*>80% Biobased Verified by ASTM D6866; Sugarcane is a fast-growing, renewable resource.
** Seal not recyclable


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