Carton of Almondmilk



Benefits of dairy-free yogurt alternatives

All our vegan dairy-free yogurt alternatives have live and active cultures. They’re also a good source of calcium and low in saturated fat. They’re delicious—and free of gluten, carrageenan and artificial flavors and colors. Our almondmilk yogurt alternatives deliver at least 5 grams* of plant-based protein in every serving. Our soymilk yogurt alternatives have at least 6 grams of complete protein in each serving.


How is dairy-free yogurt alternative made?

When most people think yogurt, they think dairy. Well, at Silk, we’re all about plant-based nutrition, so our yogurt alternatives are dairy-free. And, seriously, you won’t believe how smooth, creamy and delicious they are. We make a soymilk yogurt alternative, as well as an almondmilk yogurt alternative. We start by fermenting the soymilk or almondmilk, adding live and active cultures. Then we blend in just the right amount of cane sugar, various kinds of fruit (but not for Plain) and a handful of other ingredients. It all adds up to spoon-worthy goodness.

Hit the yogurt aisle

Searching for Silk yogurt alternatives? Find them in the regular dairy yogurt section. With a wide range of flavors, along with Vanilla and Plain, you’ll want some for breakfast, snacking and recipes. Grab some and grab a spoon!

*4% DV


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