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Benefits of almondmilk

With more calcium than dairy milk,* our almondmilk is also an excellent source of vitamins D and E. It’s vegan and free of dairy, soy, gluten, carrageenan, and artificial flavors and colors. If you’re keeping an eye on calories, we’ve got Unsweet options at 30 calories per serving with 0g of sugar. Looking for Original or Vanilla? We’ve got those too. Looking for something indulgent? Dark Chocolate’s calling your name, at 100 calories per serving.

How is almondmilk made?

There’s nothing like Silk® Almondmilk. What’s the secret to our amazing taste? Well, we can’t tell you all our secrets, but it starts with three types of almonds. Our almonds are carefully roasted to help unlock their flavor, then a precision grinding process turns them into silky smooth almond butter for that signature Silk taste.

Almonds and the environment

Did you know plant-based beverages are easier on the environment than dairy milk? Making an average half gallon of Silk® takes about 65% less water and generates about 67% less greenhouse gas emissions than a half-gallon of milk.**

We also balance 100% of the water used in our manufacturing plants to make our almondmilk, restoring it to nature.

*Excluding our organic almondmilk flavors, Silk almondmilks contain 450mg of calcium per cup; reduced fat dairy milk: 309mg per cup. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. Data consistent with reduced fat dairy milk.

**From ISO 14040/44/46 independently reviewed 2020 Life Cycle Assessment based on 2018 product data comparing cradle-to-grave footprint of one half-gallon consumed of average Silk plant-based beverage to US conventional dairy milk. Average Silk footprint from weighted 2018 production of all Silk conventional half gallon beverages, excluding almond-coconut blend.