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Silk® Protein

Benefits of Silk® Protein

Silk® Protein is the great tasting protein beverage you want with 8g of complete plant protein in Silk Protein Almond and 5g of complete plant protein in Silk® Protein Oat. That’s 8x more protein than Silk® Almondmilk and 5x more protein than Silk® Oatmilk. It’s an easy way to add extra protein to your smoothies in the morning. Plus, it has less sugar than dairy milk. Now that’s a win in our books.

How is Silk® Protein made?

To make Silk® Protein, we start with our delicious almondmilk and oatmilk. Our almondmilk is made with three types of almonds, roasted and ground for that signature taste. Our oatmilk is made from oats that are ground, soaked and slow cooked using a unique process, one that unlocks our smooth, mouthwatering taste. Then we add soy protein, so you get a healthy dose of plant-based protein in every serving.

Flex your smoothie muscles

Start your morning by blending in extra protein with Silk® Protein. It’s the ultimate base since it boosts the protein content of whatever you’re whirling up.