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Benefits of cashewmilk

Our cashewmilk gives you the mild, nutty taste of cashews, with 0 grams saturated fat per serving. It’s an excellent source of calcium for strong bones, with 50% more than dairy milk.* It’s also vegan and free of dairy, soy, carrageenan, gluten, and artificial flavors and colors. We can help you skip the sugar—not the silky smooth taste—with two unsweetened flavors at 25 calories per serving.

How is cashewmilk made?

At Silk®, our creamy cashewmilk is made with—wait for it—roasted cashew butter. So if creaminess is what you’re after, this is the Silk beverage for you. Actually, they might all be for you, but cashewmilk is the place to start. We balance 100% of the water used in our manufacturing plants to make our cashewmilk, restoring it to nature.

For those with almond allergies, our cashewmilk does contain a touch of almond butter.

Straight-up creamy

Try the creaminess of cashewmilk in recipes, especially when you’re after a creamy texture. It works great in dairy-free baked goods, like cookies, cakes and corn bread.

*Silk cashewmilks contain 450mg of calcium per cup; reduced fat dairy milk: 309mg per cup. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. Data consistent with reduced fat dairy milk.