Sustainability at Silk

Walkin’ the talk

  • Water
  • Recycing
  • Bees

We’re passionate about doing right by the planet, because we believe that plant-based living can help save the planet. Climate change poses an existential threat to our planet and our food system—that’s why we are trying to do our part by developing plant-based food systems that work in harmony with nature and help restore the land. Silk plant-based beverages have a lower carbon footprint than US conventional dairy milk1.  And we continue to build programs and advocate for change to help protect and restore nature, including water, pollinator and recycling initiatives.

1. From ISO 14040/44/46 independently reviewed 2020 Life Cycle Assessment based on 2018 product data comparing cradle-to-grave footprint of one half-gallon consumed of average Silk plant-based beverage to US conventional dairy milk. Average Silk footprint from weighted 2018 production of all Silk conventional half gallon beverages, excluding almond-coconut blend.