Sustainability at Silk

Sustainability at Silk®

We're passionate about doing right by the planet. Climate change poses a threat to earth and our food system - that's why we're working to drive solutions, like supporting almond farmers in implementing regenerative agriculture practices that work in harmony with nature and help restore the land.

  • Water
  • Recycing
  • Bees

Silk plant-based beverages already have a lower carbon footprint than US conventional dairy milk.* We further protect our planet through projects like water restoration programs and manufacturing with renewable energy**.

*From ISO 14040/44/46 independently reviewed 2020 Life Cycle Assessment based on 2018 product data comparing cradle-to-grave footprint of one half-gallon consumed of average Silk plant-based beverage to US conventional dairy milk. Average Silk footprint from weighted 2018 production of all Silk conventional half gallon beverages, excluding almond-coconut blend.

**100% of the electricity used to manufacture our products at our facilities comes from renewable sources through purchasing RECs and sourcing from PPAs.